Master Angler Program

Congratulations to our Angler of the year winners.

Lexi Walleye

2012 Angler of the Year Lexi Phillips



Wendy Dallman

2013 Angler of the Year Wendy Dallmann












Nome with lunker

2014 Angler of the Year Nome Buckman

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Are you ready for a challenge? WI Women Fish is introducing a new program to encourage club members to strive for quality fish, investigate angling opportunities, and provide some friendly competition at club events and on individual outings. The Master Angler Program is a two-part program that provides recognition for women that have pursued and caught quality fish based on established length criteria and have expanded their fishing knowledge by pursuing a variety of game and pan fish.

You must be a current member, in good standing, of WI Women Fish to participate. The Master Angler Program runs from Fall Fish Camp to Fall Fish Camp each year. Awards will be presented at the Fall Fish Camp for the previous yearʼs Master Anglers and WI Women Fishʼs Angler of the Year. Each fish meeting the minimum length criteria submitted for an award must be accompanied by a photograph clearly depicting the length with proper measuring techniques or a signed statement from a witness verifying the length. Fish are to be measured on a flat board with the nose butted up against the edge and the tail pinched. Personal integrity from each member demonstrates our commitment to providing fun, exciting, and educational fishing opportunities. Remember, WI Women Fish encourages CPR (catch, photo, release) of these quality fish to sustain future fisheries. Fish must be entered within 30 days of being caught.

Master Angler Award: Part 1
A Master Angler Award will be awarded to each member for their first fish caught in a category that meets the minimum length requirement and is appropriately documented. A member may earn more than one Master Angler Award by catching a quality fish from another category; however, only one award per single category will be awarded regardless of the number of quality fish caught.

Angler of the Year: Part 2
Angler of the Year is presented to the club member able to catch a quality fish from the greatest number of categories. Multiple fish within a single category and the overall length of the fish will not be factored into the calculation for Angler of the Year. In the event of a tie, a Fish-Off will occur at Fall Fish Camp to determine the winner. WI Women Fishʼs Angler of the Year will receive a ST. Croix rod of their choice. A big thank you to St Croix for helping with our program.

Senior Master Angler – If you earn 10 Master Angler pins, you can turn in 9 of them and we will give you a Gold Master Angler Pin. If you wear a gold pin, we can be proud of your skills.

Quality Fish Minimum Length Criteria


Brook Trout – 15″

Burbot – 30”

Channel Catfish – 25″

Chinook Salmon ( King) 38″

Coho Salmon – 28″

Crappie – 13 ”

Great Lakes Brown Trout – 28″

Great Lakes Rainbow Trout  ( steelhead) -28″

Inland rainbow -18″

Inland Brown Trout – 18″

Lake Trout – 30 ”

Large Mouth Bass -20″

Musky – 40″

Northern Pike-35”


Small Mouth Bass- 20″

Sturgeon hook and line 56″

Sturgeon Speared 36″


White Bass-15”

White Fish -20 “

To submit your catch, click on the link and submit the form. Master Angler Form.