Club Members

About Club Members
We have a wide variety of members.  We are old, young and many in between. We come from different backgrounds and if you like to fish you will fit in. We have members from 6 states so don’t think this is just a WI thing. We grow every year. Here is what some of our members had to say.

Sandy – “Fish Camp was one of the best experiences of my life.. and yes ladies I don’t say that without some of life’s hard knocks. I’ll be 70 in March and feel like a kid again.”

Holly – “There definitely is “something” about our gatherings…. I’ve been almost all of them and feel that way at every one. They keep getting better and better.”

Nome – “WI women fish, it’s more than a fishing group, it’s a fishing family!”

Kathy – “Fish events has been a great way to expand my fishing experiences. I’ve learned a lot from the more experienced anglers and have been happy to teach the newer members what I know. There are a wide variety of events.”

Teresa – “FISH ON!!! I joined WWF when I lived in MN because I wanted to fish with women who wanted to fish and didn’t mind baiting their own hook and cleaning their catch. I quickly found out the rewards are far greater than the weight of your stringer. They are measured in smiles and hugs and thank you’s. Now, I get a good fish fry and even better company to share it with!”

Barbara – “Being a member of WWF has allowed me to fish with women half my age and feel right at home. Plus at 64 years of age I am learning a lot of new methods and techniques. Thank you WWF for enriching my life.”

Dawn – “Since I joined WI Women Fish, I have met women who love the sport as much as I do. This has been hugely important in my life. I realized that there were other’s like me, who understood my passion, supported me, laughed with me as I made mistakes and learned from them, and helped me with everything from launching my boat, to handling a fish, to how to catch species I didn’t know how to catch. Their willingness to share their skills has helped me to be a much better angler, and in turn, I can pass that on to other women anglers. It is a great joy to be part of this group.”

Char  – “I have 50+ years of photos of 3″ perch, thanks to WWF I have pictures of 21″ walleye and northern! Thanks WWF!”

Linda – “I enjoy being a part of WWF. The events I attended provided opportunities for me to fulfill my love for fishing and discover a social network I probably would not have explored.  I have a wonderful family support system but belonging to WI Women Fish has expanded that system.”